Thursday evening, I attended the SoCal American Marketing Association’s monthly meeting featuring a gentleman who combines the energy and wit of a good stand-up with the insight of a wizened wizard of advertising, marketing and social media. Needless to say, the hour passed quickly and inspired many enthused questions.
Hank’s Web Site gives you some idea of what he’s all about. For us on Thursday, he was all about the Gospel of Networking.

“If you’re not networking, you’re not working.” – Hank Blank

You must be networking to keep relevant, informed, connected, and maintaining a flow of opportunities for jobs or new business at an agency.

“But I don’t have time to network.”

Blank refutes this argument with the example of attempting to find some information – say about the process for booking an actor to speak at your next corporate event. One could dig around through the internet and find dubious or outdated information, or you could call the person you met at a recent event who’s experienced in the field. Instant productivity. Bottom line, once networking becomes a habit, it is easy, not time-consuming, literally SAVES time and enriches your life.

“If you want people to think of you, you have to think of them.” – Hank Blank

This piece of advice shows the heart of networking – getting to know your contacts on an increasingly deep level. That consideration and interest in your networking partners will payoff. From the sounds of his process, giving your business card to Hank means he’ll be taking lots of notes while you talk. He wants to know what matters to you, and that is what he’ll focus on as he interacts with you in the future. Like Ohio State? He’ll know about it and connect you with others he knows who are Buckeye alumni. Red Sox make you happy? He’ll know someone in Boston in your field and will make sure to introduce the two of you. Who’s the guy you think of for your next advertising program? Hank Blank? Of course!

Want to get started? Look up < for a complete calendar of events in your area. Don’t forget your business cards!