For readers looking for a new job or finding a job to replace the one you lost, the amount of information of value can be daunting. Besides bookmarking good sites and blogs for myself, I wanted to provide some links in this post that would be valuable for visitors to my humble blog. Seven is my lucky number, so I narrowed it down to seven a first, but then couldn’t resist a few extra!

Top 100 Niche Job Sites
The Top 100 Niche Job Boards post at the “Interns Over 40” blog provides great resources to job boards focused on specific industries, job functions and demographics. I have just started exploring this blog for other good content; hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

The Wise Job Search
This blog offers may great topics for job seekers. My favorite so far has been In your job search… Be careful of the “I Can Do That!”. The Wise Job Search is a great compendium (love that word!) of blog posts and articles from around the internet. This is one that I follow on Twitter, as each new post pops into my Tweetdeck from “eExecutives.”

Library Science Web Site
My good friend Larry Zamora is a corporate librarian and a truly great friend. Ever since I’ve been “in transition” he’s been sharing a steady stream of great career advice articles and blog posts, many of which are from LibGig’s Job Market pages. Though I am not involved with this field, the tips are universal and impactful. Really – try it!

Careeralism – Full of Great Advice
One of the articles Larry sent to me was from a website called Careeralism. One article you will see on the site now is “Your Network Has Abandoned You, 10 Ways to Win Them Back.”

Networking Opportunities? This Site Has Them
If you’re new to the job hunt, you have probably been hearing that networking is a big part of getting back in the game. It’s an iterative process where you keep building on relationships. These won’t necessarily lead to an instant job offer. Look at it as a farmer would, looking out at his orchard and knowing this is a longer term proposition. But how do you find out where these are? The Meetings and Mixers web site(Los Angeles version here) Meetings and Mixers web site – L.A.

HR Recruiting Alert
The HR Recruiting Alert website offers a perspective on hiring from the recruiter’s view point. As a job seeker, I find this site fascinating as I ponder the issues of hiring a candidate and understand better how the process is handled. In marketing, we would consider this understanding our market – the person buying what I have to sell.

Twitter as Job Resource
Finally, let me point out some Twitter-fed job sites you can use to find jobs for the social media-conscious. TwitterJobSearch offers a great search tool that allows you to find jobs posted on Twitter and refine your search by geography, industry, etc. I haven’t used this site yet, but TweetMyJobs comes highly recommended by Todd Zebert, whose own blog provides both career advice and advice on using social media.

Jennifer Hill’s Blog
I couldn’t resist adding one more resource. In her blog, Jennifer Hill offers a perspective on career advancement. that is unique, down to earth, affirming and fun She is a regular speaker at career networking events and provides career guidance to clients in Southern California. I recommend checking out her website.

There are many other resources – MANY more. If you’ve found some good advice online, please let me know.