A lot of attention circulates around social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, webinars, etc. etc. – all of it important to implement, but not the entire scope of B2B marketing.

Recently, Scott Harris, CEO of Mustang Marketing, contributed an article to the San Fernando Valley Business Journal (www.sfvbj.com) which captures the dimension of B2B that often gets overlooked in all the digital fray: personal visits to clients. Since the SFVBJ doesn’t allow non-subscribers to access all of its articles, I have provided a few excerpts here. This is definitely a case of me pointing a finger at his words and saying “yeah, what he said!”

As Long As You’re Here

by Scott Harris

No matter how interesting or fun it is to use electronic means to reach customers and prospects, there is still a place for good old-fashioned client meetings. Take a couple of minutes, visit YouTube and watch the United Airlines “Speech” commercial, which first aired in 1989. This is a classic television spot about a company losing a 20-year client because, the boss explains, “he said he didn’t know us anymore.” The boss talks about how business used to be face-to-face instead of just phone calls and faxes (remember, it’s a 20-year old spot!), but he could just as easily have mentioned emails and PDF’s.

Sitting with your clients accomplishes many things. It reminds them that you care enough to take time out of your schedule just for them. It gives you a chance to look around their offices and get an idea of their “non-business” lives . . . Many people are willing to say things one-on-one that they might not say in an email or even a phone call. . . The first time things go bad or there is a bump in the road, it’s pretty easy for them to fire someone they haven’t seen in a while and replace them with someone who has been visiting regularly.

There is a frequently overlooked benefit to sitting down across the table or desk. I call it the “as long as you’re here” project. (Clients) may have been thinking of doing it in-house, or using another resource, but “as long as you’re here” let’s talk about it now. . . There is no such thing as an “as long as you’re here” tweet or email. You need to be sitting across from someone to make it happen.

Mustang Marketing, which recently announced signing its 750th client, has a stellar reputation in the Southern California area. Scott clearly knows what he’s doing in the B2B arena.