Although I have been busy freelancing for the past few months, I have also been keeping my eyes open for a new marketing position.

Announcing . . . a contract-to-hire job! This was a job opportunity that literally came out of the blue, based on a referral to DirectFed Payment Solutions from a former Intuit coworker.  It is a fast-moving company that is seeking to grow rapidly and the CEO was anxious for me to come on board ASAP.  I’m starting out on a 90-day contractor basis and then determining whether it is a good fit for both them and me before hiring on full-time.  This type of arrangement is one that I had never heard of before this recession.  However, I believe it makes perfect sense for both the employed and the employer to have a trial period.

My head is somewhat spinning over this turn of events. I heard about it Monday, 3/8/10, interviewed Tuesday, traded emails with the CEO and recruiters Tuesday night, and then went back Wednesday for more interview, which became a working session with some of the key people in the company.

They are hiring me as marketing director/sales support director, with a bunch of duties, and some of my income would be commission based. The company is a payment processing company specializing in “Check 21” electronic checks, including a new “CheckAlt” service.  There’s a lot of work to be done, and I start on Monday!

What I like about the position is that it is a relatively new, entrepreneurial company with a lot of potential. The owners are almost literally billionaires, so it is well funded.  This will also be a great opportunity to put on my sales hat and develop my skills in that area – something I have felt was lacking in my career even though I have worked alongside of sales for so long.  It will be a challenge, but something that I can learn from while bringing to the table a lot of experience in the industry.

Wish me luck!