Greg Imlay currently markets for while marketing and selling for CheckAlt Payment Solutions.

Experienced at public relations, marketing communications, marketing program management, Imlay also spends time working with the board of the Southern California chapter of the American Marketing Association.

DebsCouture, by the way, is the business his wife runs on eBay and on, selling ladies clothing and lingerie. Here is her store. Both Debbie and Greg teach others how to be successful at selling on eBay.

My interest in blogging is to share news I find on current marketing topics – social media, web marketing, strategy and marketing communications are my primary interests. I’ll comment on these and update readers on my own learnings in these areas.

eBay On the Block
eBay makes up a large part of my life, since Debbie, my hard-working and loving wife, eats, drinks, lives, breathes and sleeps it. She’s been working full time as an eBay seller and trainer for four years. It fascinates me, too.